Watch out for scammers!

Waratah Hockey Club has been the target of a scammer.  The fraudster sends an email allegedly from ‘Cath Holmes’, although the sender’s email is not Cath’s.  The fraudster often asks if you are busy and attempts to get you to buy iTunes vouchers or similar or to settle a vendor’s account (pay a bill).  The target of the emails have been club coaches and officials, and as such, their email addresses have been removed from our website.  Contact details will be available directly from coaches.

If you need to get the contact details of a coach or committee member, please email the club at

The same scam has been reported by other sporting clubs and the matter has been reported to NT Police and ACORN.

If you receive an email like this, please delete it.  If you are unsure about its legitimacy, please call or email the club.