Welcome to the 2019 season:


Please follow this link to renew your registration with WHC for 2019. 

  1. Login to HA with existing ID, or create a new ID.
  2. Fill out all details as required.
  3. Make sure that who you are registering is the right person.
  4. Select correct registration type (Player, Coach, etc.)
  5. Select the correct Registration types. Hockey NT and Hockey Australia forms are mandatory and will automatically select. Select the appropriate WHC registration.
    1. For juniors: Please take note of those forms that include the Sports Voucher. If you would like to use the Voucher, please send to the waratahhc@gmail.com or hand it in in person. Select the correct age group and the registration type that includes the Voucher and proceed to payment. If they are playing seniors, please select ‘Juniors playing Seniors with Sports Voucher’ option.
    2. For seniors: Either pay the full amount or select the PART payment. $150 is required to the cub prior to first game. Other options will be opened after first game.
    3. For Coaches/Life Members/Volunteers: Please select appropriate registration types for WHC.
  6. Fill out next form as required.
  7. Proceed to payment through the gateway. 
  8. You’re now registered and ready to play! 

If you are unable to complete this, please screenshot the problem and send to the waratahhc@gmail.com email account. This will allow me to follow up with Robyn.

There have been some teething issues with this system, so please bear with us as we implement it. 


Please advise us that you need a clearance from your previous club so that we can organise for you.

Direct Deposit:

Account Name: Waratah Hockey Club

BSB: 035 302

Account Number: 261 003

Please include name in the description for payment and forward receipt to the waratahhc@gmail.com email.

New member of Waratah Hockey Club?

If you are new to our Club, please email the secretary at Waratahhc@gmail.com and tell us how you heard about us.  Let us know if an existing member introduced you to Tahs!

Any questions?

If you have any queries, please contact the Club at waratahhc@gmail.com