Registration and fees

Welcome to the 2023 season!  Registration is now open via the following link:

Registration – Waratah Hockey Club – revolutioniseSPORT

Registration: a 2-step process

STEP 1: Hockey NT (HNT) and Hockey Australia (HA) fees

HNT and HA charge all players registration fees. (If you want to know what the fee is used for, please contact these organisations directly). Clubs do not receive any of that fee. The HNT/HA fees are:

$104.90 for a senior player (including casual players)

$55.10 for a junior player

You MUST be registered to play hockey with our club. Please use the registration link above.

Players transferring from another club

If you are new to Waratahs and have previously played in another club or in the indoor competition, you can now RENEW your registration with Waratahs.  This will trigger a transfer process. As it is a new system, if you are directed to request a transfer, please email our secretary at so we can monitor and progress a smooth transfer.

Please select REGISTER if you have NOT registered during 2022.

Please select RENEW if you have previously registered for the 2022 season or for the 2023 HNT Indoor season.


STEP 2: Waratah Hockey Club fees

Waratahs offer the most competitive fees in the Darwin Hockey League to promote social inclusion and accessibility across the community. We are able to do this through the hard work of volunteers, fundraising efforts and the generous support of sponsors.  If you join our club and accept our fees, there is an expectation you will:

  • Pay your fees in a timely manner, without being chased;
  • Actively support and participate in the club’s fundraising activities; and
  • Contribute to the club’s umpiring obligations.

The club’s fees in 2023 are set out below.

Please note the club fees cover the minor rounds only (i.e. up to round 15).  For teams that make the finals series, additional fees will apply.  That fee will be $20 for players in a senior game and $10 for players in a junior game.  The maximum amount for any junior or senior player will be $20 for the round.

Senior player $400
Senior fulltime tertiary student1 $300
Senior goalie with own kit $250
Junior playing seniors2 $200
Playing coach, committee or life member $85
U10s, U12s, U14s and U16s2 & 3 $100
U8s3 & 4 FREE
Casual rate – senior (includes 5 games)5 $250
Casual rate – senior fulltime tertiary student6 $25/game


1.     Current evidence of fulltime student status must be provided to the club at the time of registration.  Please email

2.     When a junior plays 3 or more games in senior teams, they are classified as a ‘junior playing seniors’.  Players attending high school that are not eligible for the junior competition are classified as a ‘junior playing seniors’ for the purpose of fees.

3.     Any new junior player to WHC will receive their first game shirt free of charge.

4.     In addition to a game shirt, new U8s members will receive a hockey starter stick pack, which generally includes a stick, ball and shin guards.

5.     Casual players will be entitled to play 5 games for the club with their initial fee.  After a player has played 5 casual games, they will be regarded as a ‘senior player’ and will be required to pay full fees (i.e. $400)

6.     Casual players that are fulltime tertiary students must pay $25/game.  The player must ensure they have the required clearances to play in the NT, before they take the field, if they are registered in an inter-state club.

7.     There are no family or other discounts available in 2023.

Due dates for fees

Club fees are due before your first game.

If you would like to discuss a payment plan, please contact our Treasurer on If you are on an agreed payment plan, fees must be paid in accordance with the following schedule:

Payment 1 – 40% – due by Round 1

Payment 2 – 40% – due by Round 5

Payment 3 – 20% – due by Round 9

Ways to pay fees

Fees can be paid via the following methods:

  • via our website (incurs a processing fee);
  • with a NT School Sports Voucher emailed to the treasurer at (for information see; and
  • via a bank transfer into the Waratah’s account:

           BSB: 035302

           Account number: 261003 

Please ensure your name, or child’s name, and the word ‘fees’ are included in the transaction reference, for example, John Smith – fees.

Umpiring commitment

In 2023, clubs are responsible to supply umpires for B and C Grade games.  Waratahs will create an umpiring roster for members that play in senior teams (excluding coaches, managers, committee members and life members) which will be published on our website. There is no payment offered by Waratahs for umpiring.

Members must fulfill the umpiring commitment themselves or arrange for someone else to do it. (If the member arranges someone else, the decision to pay them a fee or not is an entirely private one and the club will not be held liable for any payments). If the member, or the person they arranged to umpire on their behalf, do not show up to umpire the scheduled game, the member will be responsible for any fine issued by HNT. Further, failure to supply an umpire has implications for competition points and HNT may deduct points from a club’s team.  For example, if a Waratah’s umpire does not show up for a BW game, the Waratah’s BW team can lose competition points.