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William (Bluey) Fraser



Stan Rance



Laurie Sinclair


Beverly Sinclair


David Cotton


Brad Ainslie


Kim Ainslie(Dean)


Tracey Bradley


Peter Shapcott

Digby Hart



Eric Fleay


Gail Fleay


Graeme Clarke

Cheryl Hughes

Cheryl Hughes


Pam Jackson


Maxine Chambers


Tricia Clarke


Tony Hill


Don Jackson


Karen Markos

Jack Hughes

Jack Hughes


Ellie Hayward


Kelly Rakkas


Josie Smith

Steven Rowe

Steven Rowe


Chantrelle Carey

Rebecca Davey

Rebecca Davey



Life Membership is the highest award available from Waratah Hockey Club (WHC). The award recognises the exceptional contribution by individuals to WHC and is a great honour and should not be treated lightly. It is only to be awarded to deserving recipients at appropriate times and does not need to be awarded every year.

 General Criteria

In considering the award of Life Membership an individual should have provided a significant, sustained and high quality service to the Club that has enhanced WHC’s performance, reputation and future prospects and that culminates in a meaningful legacy.

The criteria used to assess a nomination include:

·         General attitude and overall demeanour of the nominee to ensure that the attitude is one that reflects a dedication to the values of the Club as set out in the Hockey Australia (HA) Code of Conduct

·         Commitment to the principles of good sportsmanship

·         General achievements which have had a positive effect on the Club

·         Valued leader and role model that reflects credit upon the Club

These criteria apply to the various roles a nominee has participated in during their service to the Club (including as a player on the field).

Specific criteria

·         Financial member of WHC when actively involved in WHC.

·         Received at least one of the other member recognitions identified above for service to WHC (not essential).

·         Length of Service to WHC - At least 10 years in either on or off field roles with such service in either role being taken concurrently. Achieving minimum service levels does not automatically guarantee the award of Life Membership.

·         Contributions should occur in at least 2 of the following categories:

o   Coaching / managing / mentoring

o   Administration and/or governance

o   Umpiring and/or technical bench operator

o   General contribution including fundraising; supporting and other areas that the WHC Committee considers relevant.

o   Playing



Nominations for Life Membership can be made by members of the WHC Committee.

Nominations for Life Membership can also be made, in writing, by existing financial members and seconded and should be forwarded to the Secretary of the Club (

The WHC Committee may appoint a sub-committee to consider and assess the nominations but final approval for the Life Member Award is provided by the whole Committee.

Nominations must address all relevant General Criteria and Specific Criteria and any other details of exemplary service to the Club.

In considering the nomination, members of the WHC Committee or nominated sub-committee are to identify and attempt to manage their subjective views in order to not be unduly influenced by any personal relationship with the nominee.    

The WHC Committee or delegated subcommittee may request additional information from the nominator to assist in its deliberations.

While a delegated sub-committee may assess nominations, it is the responsibility of the whole   WHC Committee to award all nominations for Life Membership.

A maximum of 2 Life Memberships may be awarded each year.


Retraction of a Life Membership Award may occur where the recipient has conducted him/herself in a manner that reflects directly and adversely on the image or activities of the Club.

This provision will only be exercised in exceptional circumstances and will require the full support of the WHC Committee to be enacted.

As part of the deliberations, the principles of natural justice will apply and the Life Member will be given an opportunity to present their case for retention of their Life Membership status.

Benefits of Life Membership

Life Membership will be recognised by:

·         Award of the Life Membership at the Current Senior Presentation Night

·         No fees as a player

·         Free Social membership

·         Listing in the Club Web site

·         Invitation to all Club functions, free of charge