2019 U17s Format

In 2019, the Darwin Hockey League (DHL) Under 17 competition will be played in a modified format of 7 a side, to be played on half a field. This format has been agreed upon by the DHL Advisory Panel and the Hockey NT (HNT) Board.

Following the 2018 competition, it has been a priority for all involved to ensure that a clear direction is established and communicated as early as possible.   In adopting a modified format, a similar style being played at the Youth Olympic Games, HNT is seeking to provide members with a dynamic form of competition.  This will enable members/players to evolve existing & develop new skills and enhance their knowledge of the game while adapting to a new environment.

The learning and development will also extend to coaches.  HNT staff are committed to working with coaches to develop their approach to the modified format and to ensure that critical learnings are not restricted to the athlete alone.

As the hockey environment continues to evolve externally, HNT will endeavour to provide services to members which are aligned with the latest national and international trends.  Most importantly, HNT’s aim in collaboration with clubs is to provide an enjoyable hockey experience for all.